Malta has a great deal to offer to a prospective investor. A stable economic, political and social environment ensures peace of mind to focus on what really matters to an entrepreneur – ensuring that one’s operation is run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

This stability is reflected in the presence of the over 200 foreign-owned operations currently active within the manufacturing sector. Furthermore, the country’s diversified economic setup ensures remarkable resilience to the vagaries of global economic trends.

These intrinsic advantages are further bolstered by a well-trained, English speaking workforce, invariably described by established operators as loyal, flexible and productive. Furthermore, the country’s taxation system provides a very low tax burden while ensuring that companies meet all parent country requirements. The fact that all legislation may be accessed in the English language guarantees high levels of transparency to incoming investors. Naturally, all this is backed up by a network of financial services providers who can advise on the best possible setup to follow.

Further information and the unvarnished opinions of various investors may be accessed here.